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What is the most useful tool in your household?

Garbage bin. Contemplate on this. You can live without your TV, your phone, even your fridge. Imagine a life without a garbage bin.

What’s the most important thing about the garbage bin? That you must empty it every once in a while.

With all the garbage and information overflow in our day to day lives, guess which organ in our bodies has effectively turned into a garbage bin?

Yes, you need to empty your mind every once in a while. Relax, breathe, enjoy “being” – this is what meditation is about.

Exercise is a form of meditation. Try to limit your exposure to more garbage during your exercise time. Music is fine as it helps to quiet your mind; but sometimes you need to let your mind speak, relieve itself too. So, pay attention to your mind, keep it relaxed, keep it calm, keep it clean. The more clutter there is in it, the unhealthier you will become.

Garbage bin… remember the garbage bin…

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