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What is a Martial Arts Master?

Nobody in particular. A master is a proficient person at something, a tennis player who can calculate the angle and speed of a backhand response to a 100mph+ would be a master… A chess master, Michael Jordan would be a basketball master. Practice long enough and your motor-cortex starts having a brain of its own. Your limbic system and your motor-cortex get together and do things that are beyond speed of calculation or sometimes comprehension. That’s the level of masters, where what you and I would refer to as chance becomes a regularity. In this regard a martial arts master would be somebody who has practiced his art to the point that it has become their new nature. Be it reflexes or understanding of life, or perception of reality, or humanity and humility. It’s almost fun to see them proclaim “I am no master” and do something so out of this world that makes your head spin (this is by no way limited to fighting or warring arts and practices) Think of a musical virtuoso with complete control of their instrument making everything look so easy and flawless and flowing, no effort, perfection – harmony with their state of mind, with whatever is accompanying… same would be true for a martial arts master. Effortless, in harmony, with humility, with a smile on their faces.

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Last modified: December 26, 2019