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Meditation Is Not Medicine

If you practice meditation with a certain purpose; an expectation; like a task at the end of which you will be granted eternal happiness and wealth; or to ease your daily routines; you will most probably fail and what more: you will probably lose your self confidence, your faith in yourself and start looking elsewhere for happiness. Just like a person who became overweight because of ignorance, and tries to get rid of that burden by being more ignorant and looking for that magic pill / diet / remedy for salvation. This is the path to a religion, where your sole participation would be to just follow a procedure of faith – “pray” to some divine being for help, guidance and support – be good and wait idly in return for the favor. Meditation is being able to know yourself, your being, your intellect, your life and the life around you; the universe. Just be aware of life. Enjoy life; seize it; cherish it. Your being is a great present to you, and to the universe. Everyone is a god in his / her / it – self. Every living being is a miracle. Meditation is your guiding light to this information, to this awareness; nothing else. Once you start cherishing life, every detail you can perceive, every thought you think; once you start looking at this world illuminated with the light of meditation you will find inner peace. And meditation will become your life. It will start with you waking, living, eating, sleeping; and never end.

Anything which is not brought upon you by mother nature is not a problem, not a phenomenon, but rather a luxury of this so called civilized society; nothing but a burden. You choose to be burdened by your emotions, by other people’s emotions.

Happiness is just a point of view. It is more of a choice, than fate.

Your body is your temple, your soul is you, meditation is your guiding light to this information.

Today is the first day of your remaining life. Cherish it.

Never fail to learn from an ever-flowing mountain stream; and always keep your mind as clear as the vast blue sky, as calm as the high mountain peaks.The art of peace begins with you.

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Last modified: January 17, 2023