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7 Easy Ways to Begin a Self-Care Journey as a Creative Entrepreneur

Self-care is essential for everyone, including creative entrepreneurs. While it may seem like putti…

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Article by Carrie Spencer

Self-care is essential for everyone, including creative entrepreneurs. While it may seem like putting all of your energy toward your business is wise, burning the candle at both ends without taking time for you can lead to burnout. Since that could keep you from succeeding, prioritizing self-care is a must.

Ultimately, self-care ensures you address your physical, mental, and emotional needs. Along with managing stress, it can potentially make you happier. Fortunately, there are simple approaches that fit into any schedule. If you want to ensure you’re able to thrive, Sword Class RI shares seven easy ways to begin a self-care journey as an entrepreneur.

1. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is detrimental to your performance. It significantly affects the body and mind, leading to fatigue, headaches, and more. By staying hydrated, you can ensure you’re at your best. Plus, it’s an easy self-care option that fits into anyone’s schedule.

While water can certainly work, it isn’t your only option. Many fruits and vegetables contain a lot of hydrating power as well. Consider incorporating foods like watermelon and strawberries into your diet — there’s plenty of nutritional benefits as well!

If you drink a lot of coffee, you should know that caffeine is a diuretic. You may have noticed. Be sure to look up the caffeine content of your beverages to ensure you aren’t overdoing it. But if you do opt for the highly caffeinated Vietnamese coffee, make sure that you increase your water intake appropriately. This balance will help you stay hydrated during the day.

2. Take a Sword Class

Sword classes may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about ways to practice self-care, but they can have a surprising impact on your mental and physical health. The concentration needed to properly wield a sword can help clear the mind of stress and anxiety, while the physical activity provides a great workout for the entire body. Plus, learning a new skill can be empowering and boost confidence levels.

If you are interested in learning more about sword fighting and activities, visit Sword Class RI.

3. Learn a Deep-Breathing Technique

Deep-breathing techniques can make a world of difference when you need to relax quickly. In just a few minutes, you can recenter yourself, creating a sense of calm that will help you focus moving forward.

Consider the lion’s breath technique if you’re looking for an easy one that you can do nearly anywhere. You could also try 4-7-8 breathing or get a breathing app to guide you.

4. Create a Productive Space for Work and School

If you’re looking for a way to promote productivity and create a more calm and relaxing ambiance in your home office, consider redecorating. Rearranging furniture, adding uplifting artwork, and even scented candles can make a big difference. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can even repaint the walls and replace your light fixtures. Just a few small changes can really transform your space and help you to get more work done.

 This space can also be great for taking online classes if you decide to further your education. You may consider this option: enroll in an online business program. Learning more about running a business will do wonders for your own entrepreneurial journey. And online programs make it easier to take classes around your current schedule. 

5. Create a Workload Management Strategy

Finding ways to manage your time effectively when you’re overwhelmed with business tasks can be a form of self-care. It’ll help you reduce the stress you’re feeling and give you more time for rest and relaxation.

An easy way to begin is to break large tasks into bite-sized chunks that you can finish in as little as a few hours. After that, make sure you’re prioritizing your projects, allowing you to focus on genuinely critical work above all else.

Another strategy that can help manage your time in your next venture is to use a formation company to help you get your business started. If you want to start an LLC, for example, a formation company can make the process quick and easy. They can also provide additional services, such as serving as a registered agent. If you haven’t found a new creative venture that speaks to you, take a look at some ideas online. You’re sure to find something to pour yourself into.

6. Get Paid

Late payments cause a lot of stress and can even put your business at risk. That’s why an invoice generator is such a valuable tool. With an online invoice generator, you can create custom invoices that you can send out quickly and easily. This way, you can remind customers of their outstanding balance and spur them to pay up. And when customers do pay on time, it can bring peace of mind. Knowing your bills are being paid on time enables you to relax and focus on other aspects of your business.

7. Take a Stroll Outside

Spending a little time outdoors can be an excellent form of self-care, especially if you’re close to green space. Plus, a nice walk can be refreshing, even if you’re just strolling in the fresh air. If you’re looking for the best places to walk near you, consult a Walk score map. This is a quick and easy way to find locations ideal for walking.

Consider heading for a walk before you begin your workday. Harvard explains that even a short one can help energize you, ensuring you’re ready to tackle your day. Plus, if you can end your day with another stroll, you’re creating an opportunity to decompress. Doing both is also wise if you work from home, as it can serve as your mental commute, helping you transition between work and home with greater ease.

 Find Self-Care Strategies that Work for You

With these tips in mind — from staying hydrated and working out to practicing deep breathing and managing your time effectively — you’ll be well on your way to living out your self-care journey as you find creative success.

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